Whistler Myofascial Release

Whistler Myofascial Release

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Whistler Myofascial Release

Magdalena Regdos, RMT has been providing Myofascial Release therapy and teaching her clients the best homecare strategies for decades.

She continues to provide Hands-on Treatment in her Whistler, BC clinic.

She has also written a self-treatment book and created a comprehensive, 30 day Essentials of Myofascial Release program for you to enjoy and benefit from in the comfort of your own home!

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Our Services

The Whistler Myofascial Release clinic is home to a wonderful team of complementary therapists. Click to learn more about each of these therapists and the services they offer.

30-Day Journey into Fascia

30-Day Journey into Fascia

With Magdalena Regdos RMT


What our clients are saying about us.
  • John F. Barnes, PT

    “Magdalena Regdos, RMT has written a very comprehensive book and created a series of videos on myofascial release. I believe this information will be important for you in therapy and in life.”

    John F. Barnes, PT

  • Cathy

    “Connecting with Magda as a Myofascial Massage Therapist transformed my health in every way. Now, her online program Journey into Fascia has provided a life-changing opportunity to better understand this intricate web of tissue called ‘fascia’. Magda’s in-depth knowledge guides you through 30 days of theory and self-treatment. The healing principles taught in this program […]


  • Tara S

    “Not only does Magda treat your body but she teaches you how to use your mind to properly relax your muscles… great for someone who goes, goes, goes… Couldn’t have healed my back without it.”

    Tara S

  • Stacey A

    “Best RMT I have ever been to! Magda is a skilled professional.”

    Stacey A

  • Alex C

    “Magda created the exact space for my mind and body to be able to understand that connection, it is leading to a quicker more empowered recovery.”

    Alex C

  • Sarah M

    “After a long road trip, Magdalena worked on me to release tension and pain in my lower back, it was amazing and her energy is great. Highly recommended!”

    Sarah M

  • Cody C

    “Magda is a highly skilled RMT, her myofascial knowledge sets her apart in the industry. Whistler is lucky to have her!”

    Cody C

  • Anonymous

    “Since our first session a few days ago, I went from being able to stand for only 15 minutes, to being able to walk in the woods for 2 hours! You (this treatment) changed my life.”


Myofascial Release

Magdalena Regdos, RMT, explains how it can help you

Our Fees

We offer single sessions, multiple session packages, intensive programs and other long-term preventative health options. Your treatment includes evaluation, assessment and the development of a treatment plan that is tailored towards your goals.

Registered Massage Therapy / Advanced Myofascial Release

with Magdalena Regdos RMT

Discounts or refunds will not be applied to the current list of services.
All appointments are confirmed at the time of booking.
24 hours notice is required for cancellations/rescheduling.
A credit will be applied to your account in case of medical emergencies.

Journey into Fascia : Home care Myofascial Essentials

Paperback or Hardcover Books and ONLINE PROGRAM available.

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