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My 30 Daily, Informative + Experiential Sessions on self-treatment are designed to awaken the deep potential that lies within your own mind and body. This program is inspired by the world renowned visionary John F Barnes, PT. These Myofascial Release essentials, include safe and effective exercises to practice Myofascial Release self-care in the comfort of your own home.

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What will you gain from participating in the journey?

Each day you will tune into your fascial voice. You will explore the anatomy of specific areas, and learn how treating your fascial system can improve the function of these areas. 

You will learn techniques to realign your posture, release your neck, back, hips and shoulder, improve your breathing capacity and more!

30 minutes per day is my recommended minimum amount of time to invest in your self-care. But beyond following along with the videos, I encourage you to extend the time you allocate for your well-being and continue practising the techniques you learn. 

What to Expect:

Together, we will navigate through your myofascial restrictions and learn how to release them gently and effectively.  

Myofascial Release addresses the totality of your human being-ness, so please be ready to connect with underlying feelings, sensations and beliefs that you may have been avoiding. These feelings, sensations and beliefs are key to understanding what you need for you to return to a pain-free active lifestyle. 

How can I participate?

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Important to note

Due to the online nature of these sessions, I am not able to see you in person, assess your condition or supervise your self-care routine. As with any self-treatment program that you undertake, we advise you err on the side of caution. If you feel pain or uncertainty in any particular moment of the self-treatment process, please ease up. Listen to your fascial voice, and use pain as your messenger.

Myofascial release treatment is non-injurious, as long as you approach the process gently, with curiosity, and mindfully. While it is important to explore the depths of your fascial restriction, we do not subscribe to the notion of ,”No pain, no gain,” but rather, “Feeling is healing.” With that said, let’s enjoy this journey together.

With love,

Magdalena Regdos, RMT

Join me as I delve into the profound insights of renowned Physical Therapist, John F. Barnes, as he shares his expertise and vision.
Discover the intricate web of myofascial connections within the body and explore the groundbreaking potential this therapeutic approach holds for revolutionizing healthcare practices.
Gain a deeper understanding of the holistic and empowering nature of Myofascial Release, guided by the wisdom of a pioneer in the field.
This video is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of Myofascial Release and embracing a future where healing transcends boundaries.